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From T-shirts to leather jackets, race gear to touring apparel, only Honda Official Licensed Products give you world-renowned brand image. Joe Rocket For two decades, Joe Rocket has been a driving the evolution of motorcycle apparel.

Or even the first Harley jacket I bought that I like a lot, it fits just right. How about your shoulder pads?

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Men's inch lightweight cowhide fitted motorcycle jacket. Hand vintage version of with cotton lining. Available in black and brown leather. Made in USA.5/5(9).
Find great deals on eBay for slim fit motorcycle jacket. Shop with confidence.
About BKS Leather BKS (Made to Measure) Ltd was founded by Brian Keith Sansom in We provide bespoke leather one and two piece suits, jackets and trousers to all motorcycle riders who prefer extreme performance kit with the tailor made service.
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Flame Resistant Coat, Orange/Silver, Cotton/Reflective Ta...

What's the Best Adventure Motorcycle Jacket? Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide. If you’re into motocross, off-roading, or are preparing for a seriously long ride - you need an adventure motorcycle jacket which can keep up with you. Of course, you want to look like badass smashing those jumps on the track, but you also want CE-certified protection to keep you safe during an fall.

This gorgeous lamb shearling style gained instant fame when worn by Jennifer Morrison on Once Our sleek and modern version of the classic mens bomber is easy going and masculine A little quilting here and A sensationally large collar provides a striking contrast to this streamlined, fitted little jacket.

High tech ribbing for enhanced mobility through the back and elbows gives this motorcycle jacket It was inevitable that we would get requests for a classic perfecto style like the Military jacket for the man who requires plenty of pockets.

Function and comfort meet stylishness Sporty and contemporary, and fitting like a glove, this style received plenty of attention when Sleeves are another very important aspect to buying yourself a properly fitting jacket. If you buy yourself a jacket that has sleeves that are too short you may find your hands getting cold, and you may even encounter bugs hitting your arms when you are biking which can be rather painful. It is important to keep your sleeves at the correct length not only for comfort but also for safety reasons.

If you buy a jacket that has too long of sleeves you can get your sleeves caught in things and it could result in serious injury. The brand of the jacket may be something that is a big deal to you. You may want to buy something that is of the same brand as the motorcycle that you use or you may want to just buy your favorite brand.

The only problem with limiting yourself to certain brands of jackets is that you might not be able to find something that fits you properly. Mobility issues are not a good thing especially if you are driving a motorcycle and you are driving around at high speeds; some accident avoidance situations call for split second manoeuvres and decision making and it is important to not be distracted while you are driving as well.

The length of your jacket is also a very important part of a good fitting jacket. Not to mention a jacket that is too long for your body type will force you to sit on your jacket and this can be rather uncomfortable depending on what type of material the jacket is made up of.

It is important to consider the type of material that is used on the interior of the jacket as well. In any case be sure to get fitted out properly like I did. Last edited by chewie; at I am wondering if this because it was designed for a glove that is longer and goes over the sleeves. So far there are some good points Racing leathers are tight so that they can act like your skin when you're sliding.

Having said that, I bought tight road leathers, two-piece because - I like Racer-X, I grew up watching Utraman, and how else could I justify wearing leather jacket and pants in public? They are snug they were TIGHT when new and uncomfortable off the bike, standing, sitting, driving, breathing, and pretty during any activity normally associated with life other than sitting on a motorcycle with one's hands outstretched to the bars.

After 8 years of use, I would suggest instead that you go with looser fitting, but not loose, leathers or something like an Aerostich suit. If I were to purchase again, I'd go for a set of Vanson leathers as they are competition weight, but cut just loose enough to be comfortable - provided you survive the torturous break-in period.

They should be loose enough to allow you to carry your cellphone in one pocket and the remote door opener in the other. Of course this is for touring sport not racing. Originally Posted by Rapid Dog. Originally Posted by Nail The Rallye2 comes with the gortex liner BTW All times are GMT

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A fitted motorcycle jacket, understandably, is different than your tailored suit that you use for cocktails and formal events. From the casual and sportswear, you use for leisure or for other physical activities in that it serves a greater purpose than just to look presentable and cover your body. Find great deals on eBay for slim fit motorcycle jacket. Shop with confidence. Motorcycle Jackets have been synonymous with cool since day one, but now that we’re a solid century into the sport there have been quite a few developments in terms of style, safety and comfort.