I think it's normal, I like wearing womens clothes too. Then again, I'm a woman. But hey! Clothes are clothes, just because they were intended for women doesn't mean only women can wear them.

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$$ Women's Clothing, Men's Clothing, Children's Clothing “Im madly in love with their Men's skinny jeans [T, i think] they fit perfectly, and if they dont fit you they offer free alterations!”.

It feels good, looks good, and releases stress, and I am as straight as they get. Not at all one ounce interested in any guy I love women, and looking like one. I'm straight as a die but love seeing women in pretty girlie outfits, especially full, floaty frilly skirts or dresses, and have dabbled in cross-dressing.

Femininity is a very special thing, sadly largely lost these days. For me personally a dabble in cross-dressing 'evens the score' in a way So yeah, normal for sure. I'd even go so far as to say that I'm jealous of women and feel that they're luckier than men in this regard.

A woman could go out one day all dolled up in a pretty dress, high heels, etc and then the next day wear a trouser suit with a shirt and no-one would bat an eyelid. If a man did that he'd be called weird. Women cross-dress routinely and it's accepted. I found my husband in my panties and hose if you are married how does your wife handle your views and it does turn me on but I don't know how or if I should approach this.

We have a deathly fear of rejection. Since you know about it I would say take him shopping and buy him a few things of his own. You may want to go a town or 2 a way to avoid someone you know. Seriously, most CD males would probably trade an arm for an understanding supportive woman to help, and to give us that little "it will be alright" pep talk.

If he's like many others - wearing things to bed, or under his male attire. Remember most of us deal with the fear of being caught and the embarrassment that would cause, so pretty much just be positive, and set boundaries if needed. I told my ex wife after we divorced, I struggled at that time for 23 yrs to try and understand myself. And I see a few in here admit to also being a crossdresser, so at this time, I'd ask those who "SAY" they are, to come forward and dfrop me a line at: But only wear certain things in public.

But definately at night do your thing lingerie, the whole thing: You're a transvestite, you don't need to be gay for that. But lets be clear about it. Sexual fetish in privacy is one thing but out in public for real means you're a transvestite. Not sure what I am think more transgender wait have women's body but keep my bits in panties all ways like female fashion and when have go back to my mail clothes dredging them I do go out most time as sara.

Sorry dear, I wore them the other day. You know how I'm in love with those special pair riding up my ass, but I'm still not gay. I dont know how long ive injoyed wearing womens clothes but i dont think nothing is wrong with it. Women wear our clothes and nothing is said.

My gf helps me find what im looking for bras panties and everything inbetween dresses skirts heels bras panties makeup.

I will only wear panties even when i wear my pants. Dont let anyone bother you abot it if you in joy it like i do, turn around and just do what you want to do. Seems to me you are a cross-dresser. This doesn't make you gay. Maybe wear the undies under men's clothes and you won't completely fuck up your social life. I've met a few straight guys that feel the same way about wearing women's clothing but they keep it in the house..

And good luck picking up girls: I have to say it's wicked cool you are so open minded! I wish you were in your early 20's and were close haha. Squirrelgirl, love hearing this. Please contact me if you can, or check out my facebook page, and type in my name Sarah Leggs. I am single, and I would love to become friends and chat with you please. Hope to hear from you.

Judgement has always been an issue, picking up a girl is no too bad as long as you are not being a creep, I actually get the atention of more girls when going to parties dresses as a girl than a guy. I love the reaction of people. Love it even more when he doesn't care im a man dressed up and still takes me to his hotel and fucks me and cums in my mouth or ass. I always like doing that since i was a kid, especially tight jeans with tight sweaters and shirts and black sneakers.

Always black sneakers i like how they look with jeans, thing is the more i do it sometimes i wish i had a someone feeling me up. Especially my butt area like just have a hand just really go at it and not too say anything. I even sometime wear long wigs and makeup and shave, i almost look feminine.

I fantasize about that sometimes. It is outside of the norm so I would say it is not normal. But that isn't what most people mean by normal; they mean is it acceptable? So the answer to that depends on who you ask. Older people are more likely to view it as unacceptable and abnormal. I think younger people are much more accepting of guys wearing girl's clothing.

Sometimes it is a fetish and a turn on for guys to wear ladies clothing. It probably won't upset most people, especially younger people. But older people who grew up with very strict delineations between male and female roles, who have been conditioned to see guys dressed in girl's clothing as wrong may express disapproval, even contempt.

I like to avoid "scaring the horses" if I feel like pushing limits and not do it in public. An old girlfriend talked me into letting her put makeup on me once and it turned me on when I saw myself as a pretty girl. I could see doing some role play in the bedroom wearing girl's clothing for fun. I wouldn't like to do it in public however. Most people consider it outside the average normal behavior I think. I'm not judging anybody who does this, for I have this problem myself.

I am a man but at times I feel comfortable dressing as a woman, until I look in the mirror, and I ask myself, why are you doing this, God created you to be a man. The Lord will not punish me. I am biologicaly a male, you can say that I am straight since I do not like men, but I am gender-fluid. I own more womem intended clothing and makeup, than anything else and have a girlfriend who accepts me for who I am. Enough said about me In most cases women are more open minded about men dressing as women and there are more men who cross dress than you would imagine, but due to society norms not too many people accept it.

Most people when in public will just look at it wrong, because they just like to follow the crowd and are afraid of being rejected or judged them selves.

I do not cross dress in public, unless when at parties surounded by people who I know that will not judge. But when dresses all in male intended clothing, surrounded by people who have no clue to who I really am, I do not tollerate any type of judgement against someone who has the strength to cross dress in public. Our customer care team is standing by to help you manage your Shipping Pass subscription. The following is an overview of the Shipping Pass Pilot subscription service.

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